About Us

We're the kind of people that couldn't imagine life in any other career,

Technical sound design for video games is what Gl33k is all about. We love learning new tools and leveraging the ones we've used before in new ways. 

We take pride in being able to deliver your best gaming experience through player feedback via audio. We like player attacks that connect with force, victories and level-ups that feel heroic, and music that makes your story an emotional one. Whether it's a AAA first person shooter, a mobile OS puzzle, an art-driven indie project, or an immersive VR experience, our designs, music, and implementation give your title the iconic sounds it deserves.

Matt Piersall

Director, Prez

Jimi Barker

Designer, dialogue director

Tyler Cornett

Designer, Composer

Aaron Brown

            Designer, Composer

Ben Crossbones

            Designer, Composer

Geoffrey P Belcher

Designer, sugar-glider